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Explosive Performance III
Aldred Gockel

tegDecisions ®

tegDecisions ®, helps you to define the creation of interactive, automatic reports and rich information in content; by means of which you will obtain the most important information clearly, in real time. In addition, it offers a series of integrated technologies that assure the data  on each application. The generated information is acceded, analyzed, reported and sent to any person into the company when and where you  wishes it, since you can use to your  e-mail’s  system  to visualize the information, among other forms.


Their goodness Web, allows that the people interact with the information from the Intranet of the company or any place of the planet; through Internet.

tegDecisions ® and Crystal Decisions, the world-wide standard of information, make the presentation easy of a complete analysis of their business and offers tangible benefits that they extend through all the organization.

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